Princess Diana 60th Birthday Coin CampaignJul 10th 2021

Affiliate Marketing News

The London Mint Office has another brilliant free coin campaign called Diana 60th Birthday 'The People's Princess' Coin

This year marks what should have been the 60th birthday of Diana, Princess of Wales - without doubt one of the most iconic and influential women the world has ever known. And so, it seemed only fitting to celebrate her life with an eternal tribute to the People's Princess, whose legacy continues to live on 24 years after her death.

Fans of the People's Princess can order a FREE Diana 60th Birthday 'The People’s Princess' Coin today (just pay£2.50 postage).

As with all London Mint Office campaigns, this one comes with an assured, no further commitments and any purchase is protected by The London Mint Office 14-day 'no quibble' guarantee.

We also have two other campaigns from The London Mint Office

  • Prince Philip Commemorative Coin
  • Elvis Commemrative Coin.

Apply on the platform to run this and start earning some healthy commissions as we expect this to out perform the other two, which have also done incredibly well.

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