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E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is the fastest way to generate traffic, leads or sales for an advertising campaign. advortis.com publisher partners have access to more than 9 million unique UK email profiles.

There is no faster way to deliver volumes of traffic, leads or sales for a campaign than via e-mail marketing. In order to take advantage of this powerful marketing medium all you need is an e-mail creative and campaign landing page.

Our affiliate partners have access to 9 million UK profiles and an even greater number of foreign profiles.

There are 4 models that can be deployed with email marketing (cpm, cpa,cpl and cpc). Please refer to our advertising models page for information about cpa, cpl and cpc advertising models.

CPM advertising is an impression based model, which is charged on a price per 1000 email profiles. Prices for CPM E-Mail advertising can range from £5.00 per 1000 email profiles to £100 per 1000 email profiles.

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