The key to a successful online campaign iscareful planning.

Campaign Planning & Feasibility

We can help new media agencies plan new campaigns by tapping into a range of tools and supporting research data to help deliver the best possible approach to starting a new campaign.

Campaign feasibility studies and planning are crucial to the success of any new media campaign. can assist agencies in these areas. We can tap into our resource base and deploy specific metrics and reporting tools to determine the potential success of a campaign if a precedent exists. In cases where there is no precedent or reporting data, we can carry out specific and highly targeted online surveys or focus groups.

Once the feasibility tests are concluded, the planning process follows in earnest. The planning process includes storyboarding, layout and design, content management, database design and demographic targeting. With our in-depth knowledge and experience of planning and building campaigns from the bottom up we can deliver a structured plan that will reduce development and marketing costs.

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