New Campaign Notification for (UK - Radius Vehicle Tracking)Apr 9th 2024

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We are pleased to announe the launch of a new affiliate campaign - UK - Radius Vehicle Tracking on the network.

If have B2B traffic or email database, this offer from Radius is worth a shot.

With Radius Vehicle Tracking, companies can see exactly where your vehicles are and where they have been.

The Radius Kinesis vehicle tracking software include easy-to-read maps, integrated to Google Maps, and vehicle details, enabling you to see the location of all your fleet vehicles.

Thousands of businesses across the country are benefiting from vehicle tracking and camera solutions for their business vehicles, helping them to:

  • Gain greater visibility of their vehicles from anywhere
  • Reduce fuel and operational costs
  • Help lower insurance premiums
  • Improve driver safety
  • Protect and recover assets from theft

We have an email creative ready to go on the platform.

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