Co-Registration & Co-Sponsorship solutions for advertisers

Co-Registration & Co-Sponsorship

Co-Registration is an effective and fast way to generate volume leads for advertisers to help build their member databases without any major technical and creative development.

Co-Registration (a.k.a Host & Post) has quickly become one of the fastest ways to deliver good volumes of leads for almost any type of advertiser campaign using the very minimum technical and creative assets.

How It Works: An advertiser sets out the data fields that they require and the call to action used to influence an optin. Once in-place, co-registration publisher on our network will then add the creative copy to their registration forms and allow the user to optin to the advertiser offer by simply checking a box.

When a user signs up to join one of our publisher web sites and ticks the box to opt-in to a coregistration offer, all the required information is then sent directly to our systems where we perform data quality checks before then either storing the user data to be sent via csv file to the advertiser or if live streaming is in place our systems can then deliver the data directly to the advertisers application.

If you are unfamiliar with co-registration and would like to know more our inhouse media services can help you plan, build and launch a coregistration campaign. Contact us for more information about co-registration campaigns.

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