We can develop, host and launch Campaigns cost-effectively.


advortis.com provides a range of technology and media resources for new media agencies to deliver quality results for their campaigns.

Providing advertisers with full media services is something that is very important to our overall service and we also extend this service to new media agencies. Whether your agency already provides full media services to it's clients or not advortis.com can offer your agency an extra edge with campaign research, planning, development, deployment, distribution and management of your client campaigns.

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If your clients don't have a web presence or they don't have the resources to cost-effectively launch an online campaign, we like to think that we can help solve that problem and bring that campaign to market.

Campaign Planning

We work with you to find out what the key goals and strategies are.

Campaign Development

Our in-house developers can easily modigy templates to suit your campaign requirements.

Campaign Deployment

We simultaneously plan deployment during the planning and development stages.

Customised Reporting

Our tracking technology is propriety so we can feed you figures as you need them.

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