New Argos Gift Card offer from Earn Your SwagMar 8th 2022

Affiliate Marketing News

We've launched another campaign from Earn your swag and it's performing even better than the Amazon Gift Card version of the same campaign.

Earn your Swag was launched on the platform with an offer for a free Amazon Gift card and it worked pretty well, in fact, it still does.

When the client sent us a new offer 'Get a free £100 Argos Gift Card', it was just what we needed to continue building momentum for their campaign.

Conversion rate is a solid 18% with an epc of £0.18 (payout is £1 cpl). Have a look at performance so far.

Earn your swag Argos stats cpl affiliate campaign

We highly recommend running both the Amazon and the Argos versions side by side. That's what we've been doing internally.

The flow is pretty simple. Just answer 3 simple questions and then complete the form to trigger affiliate commission.

Earn Your Swag pays out on a simple CPL model but they have a KPI on the backend which is monitoring the number of third party premium promotions your traffic delivers.

So far, the client is super happy with the quality of our traffic and we intend to keep it that way.

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