Pain Relief Device Campaign with Celebrity EndorsementNov 4th 2021

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B-Cure is a pain relief electronic device making waves at the moment thanks to its celebrity endorsement.

Ex England Rugby player Matt Dawson is the face of this campaign for B-Cure. The campaign is looking for leads for no obligation consultations on how this gadget can help relieve pain.

Matt Dawson said about the device "After a short while the pain is gone. I have already recommended the B-Cure Laser to my friends."

Ulrika Jonsson, Writer and Broadcaster, said "It gives me amazing pain relief".

Amazing recommendations from two well know personalities and we're also recommending this to all publishers because the campaign is a super strong converter and promoting this will take the pain out of making healthy commissions because it works!

Matt Dawson Endorsment of B-Cure Pain Relief Device

To date, more than 250,000 devices have already been sold and it's no wonder because millions of people in the UK suffer joint pain for one reason or another.

Joint pain is a very common problem with many possible causes, so says the NHS website.

With so many people dealing with joint pain, it's no wonder the open rates of this campaign need to be seen to be believed.

We're not qualified to go into the science of how the device works but they do have some detailed info on the landing page which is slick and a first page submit.

B-Cure say that users of this device, which uses what they are calling 'Cold-Laser Technology' need only 6 minutes twice a day to get the healing benefits.

They do offer a free 30-day trial of the device, after which point the consumer can pay a one-off payment for the device or opt for a payment plan of 18 or 4 intstallments.

So far we are enjoying a healthy conversion rate of £0.63.

The campaign allows direct email and onsite display/newsletter.

We strongly advise affiliates to get on board with this one. The budget for November is locked in and there is plenty to go round, so you just need to holler at us and we will set you up faster than you can shake a leg.

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