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Price Guide

Here at we have an uncomplicated pricing structure developed to encourage advertisers to get their campaigns up and running with the least amount of commitment as possible.

Most affiliate networks charge a setup fee and monthly management fees. Here at we we do not charge a setup fee or monthly management fee. It is difficult to tell if a campaign is going to be a success both for the advertiser and for us and our network affiliates, that's why we try to remove as much risk as possible by encouraging advertisers to get their campaign up and running without them having to commit to big setup fees and monthly fees.

However, what we do encourage advertisers to do should they desire to get their campaign live with us, is to ensure that their offering not only works well but rewards our network affiliate partners with as generous as possible commission.

Another advantage of working with us is that we provide advertisers with a managed service, which means we don't just set your campaign live on the network and wait for partners to pick it up. We actively pursue suitable partners on behalf of our advertisers and work on building profitable and long-lasting relationships between them.

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