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Media Services can provide advertisers with full media services from consultation to planning, design and development and deployment.

If you are thinking about launching an internet advertising campaign but do have the expertise or resources to get your campaign up and running, our media services can help you get your campaign up and running so that you can focus on your primary business activity.

Our media services can consult, plan, develop, deploy and manage affiliate marketing campaigns and deliver leads, sales or traffic through the use of a number of methods and proven formulas.

Setting up an affiliate marketing campaign can be expensive so before you even begin planning an affiliate marketing campaign you need to carry out feasibility studies to understand the marketplace and ascertain if affiliate marketing is actually a worthwhile method of advertising.

Once you are sure that affiliate marketing is suitable for your campaign, planning can then commence. Planning involves figuring out what the most suitable advertising model would be for the particular campaign. The next step would be to find out what the target audience for the campaign is create a design storyboard for the actual web site, landing page, banner creatives or email creatives and if required, backend databases.

Design & Development:
The design and development process draws from a range of expertise in web site design, creative design, application design and database design. These duties will be carried out by our in-house developers and creative professionals.

Deploy & Manage:
Once a campaign is fully designed all that is left to do is launch and manage the campaign. Managing a campaign properly is critical to it's success and this must not be underestimated. is a managed network so we will make sure we find the best affiliate partners for your campaign and monitor the traffic they deliver to your campaign. We will also respond to any feedback or issues you might have and make sure we execute in a timely fashion.

For more information about our media services please feel free to contact us via our online contact form.

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